Why Professional Newborn Photography is Important – From Someone Who Knows Nothing About Photography

Posted on February 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

A guest post by Alycia Cahill

When a new baby arrives to your family, it is a busy time of adjustment and it too easy to get caught up in the changes, forgetting to document those first days. Many busy parents just forget, and later wish they has portraits to reflect in that time.

A newborn photographer can help you capture your family’s big step. But a newborn photographer is not only someone with a camera, they are a trusted professional. They will be sharing an intimate aspect of your life. It is important to choose them carefully, but how do you know where to start?

I am Not a Photographer

I am not a photographer. I admire photographers for their way to capture emotion in an image. I personally, know nothing of photography. Most my pictures are blurry, dimly lit, and while using my cell phone.

Why am I the right one to ask about newborn photography? Because I know how overwhelming it can be to choose the right one for my family. There are a lot of photographers on the market and I know it can be difficult to figure out where to start. I also know the temptation to pick the cheapest, and get on with my busy day. But don’t give in to that temptation! Let me be your guide and help you get started.

Why get newborn portraits

I sat down with Nicole Zitzelberger of Blue Gate Photography, to talk about newborn photography. She has been in a professional photographer practicing family and newborn photography for five years. She gave me some great insight on why newborn portraits are important and what to look for in a photographer.

“I have a lot of parents that come and tell me that they regret not getting professional portraits of their newborn done. But I have never had a client that told me they regretted getting newborn photos,” stated Nicole. I asked why some parents don’t get portraits and she told me that they are so busy with the newborn and adjusting to their new family, they just forget to take the time. She went on to say, “Many parents are so busy, that they just don’t get to savor the moments as much as they would like to.”

Nicole went on to explain that newborn photography isn’t just for the parent, but for your baby. When your child is grown, they will be able to see what their family looked like, the love in that moment. Newborn photography is a great opportunity to capture everyone together, to celebrate your family.

Picking the right photographer

When choosing the right photographer, you want to take your time. Since photography is a visual art, style is important. Since this person will be handling your child and coming into your home trust and safety are top priority.

The right time to start looking for a photographer is before your baby is born. The ideal time for newborn portraits is when the baby is between five to ten days old. However, there is some wiggle room if you are starting this process late.

Start by looking at the photographer’s Galleries. Could you see yourself hanging their work in your home? Also check their Galleries to see if they have done newborn photography in the past. Not all photographers practice newborn photography, or will be willing to do it.

While talking to Nicole she stressed the importance of picking a photographer that is educated in newborn positioning and has experience. “You have to know how to pose a baby safely, how to handle them. You have to be gentle, if not you can injure a child,” she stated.

If you are unsure if the photographer is experienced in newborn photography, ask. A good photographer will communicate openly with you about the process. Nicole consults with all her clients before a shoot to answer any questions, go over style and how to prepare your home for her visit.

I hope you feel a little more prepared after reading this article. I hope it leads to a great photography experience and that you pick a photographer that will capture the unique love and energy that is your family.

For more information about Nicole she can be reached at visit her website bluegatephoto.com or via nicole@bluegatephoto.com.

Alycia Cahill is UX / Visual Designer and Front End Developer. She designed, developed and wrote content for bluegatephoto.com. She can be reached at alycia.cahill@gmail.com or through her website alyciaswork.com.