Free Spirit – Folsom Children’s Photographer

Posted on October 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

When I was still going to school to learn photography I spent an entire semester working on Children’s portraits. I knew even back then that my favorite thing to photograph were children. It is much easier to capture their true selves. Adults think too much about how they look. We worry about who the camera will capture and if we will like what we see. Children do not have this problem. they do not care if their hair is flying in the wind, if they have a double chin, or dirt on their face. They care about laughter and fun (and maybe about how quickly we can be done so they can go play)!  They are free spirited!

This session was the perfect example of this. This little one was the very definition of a free spirit. From the moment we began our session she made the most of every minute. She had so much attitude and charm, and it absolutely radiates from her pictures. dsc_8684 dsc_8694 dsc_8703 dsc_8712 dsc_8718 dsc_8723 dsc_8733 dsc_8801 dsc_8811 dsc_8882 dsc_8896 dsc_8912 dsc_8927 dsc_8794 dsc_9015